Why I am starting over and over again

I honestly can’t remember how often I „started“ with iOS Development.

It definitely started with Objective-C where I was even able to publish my first two Apps, but in the end I felt like I wasn’t 100% sure, why they really worked…

Then Swift came out – and I started again from the beginning. This time I wanted to understand every single byte. No more copy and paste and „hey it finally works“ – I want to really know what I’m doing.

So I started with some Tutorials. Then some Udemy-Courses. Then more Tutorials. Then some bitfountain and hackingwithswift and ….

I never ever made it out of the very beginning. I literally watched the very basics over and over again – and It was so boring! But then I encountered a new source and „hey: let’s try this!“ – you get the idea…

But looking back I am wondering: why? Why didn’t I ever read through the whole book or follow every video in the course ?
I thing now I know the answer: because I was afraid.

Afraid of coming to a point where I couldn’t understand, what I am reading or watching. Afraid of failing – again.

I really do hope, that this time – I won’t stop. And definitely won’t fail!

I am hungry. I am foolish. And I won’t stop.

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