Current material

Just a short update: right now I am reading the CoreData Tutorial from Ray Wenderlich’s team, which is pretty good (as always…)

And it helps me making some efforts in my App-project „pocketmoney“ 🙂

Additionally I am reading Ash Furrow’s new Swift book, as well as Ray Wenderlich’s Swift by Tutorials…

Slow programming – slow learning

After reading „The Case for Slow Programming“ I really thought about the HOW to learn new things.

I usually tend to code pretty fast, not just because I type fast, but also I often find myself in the habit of code-something–test-in-browser–read-error–back-to-code-and-try-to-fix-it–upload–test-again….

Although it often works out at the end of the day, it tends to get stressfull at times and when I look at it, there’s really one thing missing: step back, analyze and THINK about the problem and the solution…

So: I’ll try to programm s l o w e r, not typing, but programming. I want to think more about what I am about to do and how I’ll do it. Let go of the muscle memory (like: ah! An error, maybe it goes away with an Exclamation-mark….), less RE-acting to errors…

And also learning slower seems a good way to me right now. Read slow. Recap it. Read code-examples and try to understand it BEFORE I type it off and try it out for myself…

I’ll see how that works out for me in the next time.

Nick or Rick

I really don’t know how it happened, but I assigned for a new Udemy course called „iOS 8 and Swift – how to make a Freaking iPhone App“ by Nick Walter – or Rick Walter, depending on the time of year…

To be honest, his intro video convinced me, that it’s wort a try, I like his uncomplicated style 🙂
(And the fact I could get it for 10$ instead of 199$ also made me hit the buy-button fast…)

So: already in Lection 14, just basic things discussed for now, but I am still happy with my choice.

Sabatical – not now

Now it’s oficial: Sabatical won’t come for me. Not today, not this month, maybe not this year. Just too much regular work to do – which is a great thing though, of course!

But now I have to try another system of getting time for new things to learn.
For now I’ll start with trying to learn two times a week Swift. And look more often in my Sabatical-todolist… 😉

I think I’ll start with the Udemy-Course of Rob Parzival and „A Swift Kickstart“ by Daniel H. Steinberg. Still, looking so forward to it !


I’ve been working hard the last years in general – but especially the last months. Worked hard to be able to take some time off from my regular work.
Means, my plan is to just work 2 or 3 hours in the morning, answering emails, doing easy stuff for my clients and the rest of the day is reserved to learning Swift, making music, going for a hike, …

It’s getting harder and harder every day. Although I scheduled the bigger projects to the end of the year, small ones are coming in day by day. I am thankful for that, but it makes it really difficult to find the day to start with Sabatical.

My plan right now is to finish this one big website-relaunch I am working on, and then take my time off – I have to start at some point…

NSSpain 2014

This year I went to UIKonf in Berlin – my first „big“ iOS conference ever to record some mood videos. I happened to meet Luis there, who of course told me about NSSpain, which he organizes (together with Borja).

We stayed in contact and luckily he invited me to Logroño to record the talks for him.

I arrived there after an exhausting travel just to meet him and some of the speakers at around 12:00pm in the most vibrant street of Logroño: Calle Laurel.
We had some decent tapas (or better: pinchos) and wine and it was great to learn to know some of the folks already.

The following days were just awesome: there were really so many extreme good talks, that it sometimes was hard to concentrate on the recording of them! And no matter, if it was a technical or a non-technical talk – the speakers were just great. The extremely entertaining talk from Andrew Tarvin (‚programming humans through humour) seemed to be very inspiring for the rest of the speakers. So the following talks followed his recommendations to ’sell‘ some hot stuff with humour – at least that was my impression.

Simone Civetta even spended almost the whole Thursday night to redo his presentation – and came out with a really great, interesting and diverting talk about code quality metrics. I never thought this topic can be so amusing !

I met so many people (also in the following weekend, where there was this big, BIG party in the whole city going on…) and it really was striking that everyone I met was just kind and likable and really no one sat upon a high horse – even when I mentioned that I am an absolute newbie on iOS.

It happened to be Matt Galloway (which I didn’t recognize that very moment) who I told, I would use Ray Wenderlich’s books to start with Swift. He just grinned and said something like „Good choice, I wrote that book.“ – a little embarrassing for me, but also really great to know this nice guy!

So, this conference definitely inspired me – as soon as possible I will start learning Swift and hopefully be able to accomplish some successes…
And if possible, I would love to go to NSSpain again in 2015!