Nick or Rick

I really don’t know how it happened, but I assigned for a new Udemy course called „iOS 8 and Swift – how to make a Freaking iPhone App“ by Nick Walter – or Rick Walter, depending on the time of year…

To be honest, his intro video convinced me, that it’s wort a try, I like his uncomplicated style 🙂
(And the fact I could get it for 10$ instead of 199$ also made me hit the buy-button fast…)

So: already in Lection 14, just basic things discussed for now, but I am still happy with my choice.

Sabatical – not now

Now it’s oficial: Sabatical won’t come for me. Not today, not this month, maybe not this year. Just too much regular work to do – which is a great thing though, of course!

But now I have to try another system of getting time for new things to learn.
For now I’ll start with trying to learn two times a week Swift. And look more often in my Sabatical-todolist… 😉

I think I’ll start with the Udemy-Course of Rob Parzival and „A Swift Kickstart“ by Daniel H. Steinberg. Still, looking so forward to it !


I’ve been working hard the last years in general – but especially the last months. Worked hard to be able to take some time off from my regular work.
Means, my plan is to just work 2 or 3 hours in the morning, answering emails, doing easy stuff for my clients and the rest of the day is reserved to learning Swift, making music, going for a hike, …

It’s getting harder and harder every day. Although I scheduled the bigger projects to the end of the year, small ones are coming in day by day. I am thankful for that, but it makes it really difficult to find the day to start with Sabatical.

My plan right now is to finish this one big website-relaunch I am working on, and then take my time off – I have to start at some point…