The fear of failure

not starting to work on your idea just because you’re afraid, you won’t make it.

it won’t be as good as it’s already in your head.

Fuck that.

I’ll do it.

Starting – where ?

Swift is as exciting as it is new – I already have some basic experience with Swift 2.3 – and today I downloaded Xcode 8 to find out how massive the Update to Swift 3 really is…

My blue-eyed try to „just“ migrate my two Swift-Apps to V3 failed impressively.

So now I am forced to go a step back to learn Swift – again.

Since there is not so much comprehenseive material out there, I’ll start with Practical iOS 10 by Paul Hudson ( )

We’ll see how that works out in a few days …

Almost through Apprentice 2

(What a rhyme 🙂 )

I am almost through the second Swift Apprentice Book and it’s still so much fun working/learning with it and it does teach me so many things in such a good way.
(Am I allowed to be so positive about this 😉 ?)

Parallel to that I am working on my little Sideproject which – luckily – is using exactly the features discussed in this book!

So after every chapter or so, I close the demo Project and open my own. Then I try to reconstruct the things I just learnt in a way it suits my own App – that’s very rewarding for me!

So – looking forward to complete the book – and my own App 🙂

Joy in Repetition

Since my newest App idea is pretty similar to the Checklist App from Apprentice 2, I thought it would be easy to start with it during the read of the book.

It seemed easy but I had to find out that many things made sense while reading and typing them, but I’m still far away from just coding in Swift.

But that’s ok with me. I’ll go back and repeat again until I’m happy with the results.

As for now: my own App works like a charm to the point of the book, so: all’s good 🙂

iOS Apprentice 2

90 pages through so far.
And it IS a really good book as well. I am enjoying to learn not only the basics in Swift, but also how to use xCode, Interface Builder and stuff in a practical way. And I do believe I also learn some cool tricks, too!
Like connecting the „Did End On Exit“ from the textfield with an IBAction!
Looking forward to read (and try!) the rest of it – and additionally, I just got an idea for my own App 🙂

Why I am starting over and over again

I honestly can’t remember how often I „started“ with iOS Development.

It definitely started with Objective-C where I was even able to publish my first two Apps, but in the end I felt like I wasn’t 100% sure, why they really worked…

Then Swift came out – and I started again from the beginning. This time I wanted to understand every single byte. No more copy and paste and „hey it finally works“ – I want to really know what I’m doing.

So I started with some Tutorials. Then some Udemy-Courses. Then more Tutorials. Then some bitfountain and hackingwithswift and ….

I never ever made it out of the very beginning. I literally watched the very basics over and over again – and It was so boring! But then I encountered a new source and „hey: let’s try this!“ – you get the idea…

But looking back I am wondering: why? Why didn’t I ever read through the whole book or follow every video in the course ?
I thing now I know the answer: because I was afraid.

Afraid of coming to a point where I couldn’t understand, what I am reading or watching. Afraid of failing – again.

I really do hope, that this time – I won’t stop. And definitely won’t fail!

I am hungry. I am foolish. And I won’t stop.

iOS Apprentice – almost finished

The last two days I worked through almost the whole book.

Surprisingly (that may sound more arrogant then it is meant) it was really good to read and worth following it. Since I already started several times with iOS Development I am almost sick of beginners-Tutorials. Reading about the absolut basics over and over again….
But in this book it wasn’t hard at all. I could easily recognize the parts where I could rush through and Matthijs Hollemans often has some „try it own your own“ parts – which I did and succeeded (Yay!) – so I also could fly over the explanation.

Overall: I am nearly through the book – looking forward to the AutoLayout-Chapter and: for the next books!

At the moment it feels great to follow this learning material!

Ray Wenderlich’s in the house

Wow. So much time has passed without me even thinking about writing a blogpost.

Not to mention that I didn’t write too much Swiftcode in the past weeks…

I’ve been at NSSpain and it has been a blast again!
I met Marin Todorov who works with Ray Wenderlich fulltime and at the same week his new Book „iOS Animations by Tutorials“ came out.
I talked with him and a lot of other Developers and they supported me to just start coding in Swift. So as from today I will work through all Ray Wenderlich Books available – starting with iOS Apprentice.

I’ll keep you updated (maybe) and hopefully I’ll be able to implement some of my App ideas!